Precia molen Weighbridges Pour on site Weighbridge VS310CS

Pour on site Weighbridge VS310CS

Pour on-site Weighbridge for surface mounting enabling installation without the need for a crane on site.


Composite concrete and steel construction. The concrete foundation base together with the weighbridge steel beams acts as a shuttering frame for the site-cast reinforced concrete deck to create an extremely strong one-piece sealed platform structure.

Long-lasting and robust yet cost-effective.


Low- profile structure necessitates remarkably low maintenance over its operational lifetime.

All load cells are enclosed in flexible conduits to protect against accidental or vermin damage.


Sizes range from 9m to 24m in length with a standard deck width of 3m.

Other sizes are available on request including 3.5m and 4m deck widths.

The other products in the range

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