Precia molenIndustrial weighing scales

Industrial weighing scales

PRECIA MOLEN puts at your disposal a know-how based on more than 60 years of experience in selling and installing light industrial and platform scales.

Our infrastructure can be connected to our entire range of weighing indicators and is available in painted or stainless steel version, for surface mounted or pit mounted installation, with or without ramps. They allow you to control the reception of all your parcels and pallets. Thus weighing quickly saves your time and money.

Inventory, packaging, piece count (from 0.1g to 3 t), the PRECIA MOLEN range of industrial scales offer you the most user-friendly solutions on the market. Our full stainless steel or composite models are designed for efficient cleaning ease. Our range of light industrial scales will allow you the best accuracy in weighing.

Finally, we offer you a great range of industrial scales that will support you in the whole process.

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