Precia molen Driver Operated Terminals Self-service Weighing Terminal BI410

Self-service Weighing Terminal BI410

The self-service weighing terminal BI410 allows drivers to weigh themselves securely and legally but with the recording and reporting capabilities of a PC-based operation.


The BI410 terminal has been jointly designed as a weighing instrument, as a peripheral for drivers’ use, and as a traffic management tool.


With programmable driver dialogue on the display and connection to a networked PC, it ensures the traceability of weighing operations regardless of time limits and of the presence of an operator.


Created as a product in its own right, it takes into account all the requirements applicable to a tool designed for continuous operation in severe use conditions:


  • Simple and safe to use,
  • Outdoor or indoor installation,
  • Resistant to environmental conditions,
  • Offers easy access to the printer enabling straightforward replacement of paper.

The other products in the range

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