Precia molenDiscover our new range of weighbridges VS800!

Discover our new range of weighbridges VS800!

June 30, 2020

Do you need a cleanable and portable weighbridge? We are introducing our new VS800 range.

To adapt more easily to your needs and your work environment, the range includes 3 models:


The VS 800 S, on its load distribution plates, is designed as a portable weighbridge, whether it be for mobile work sites or for temporary installations. The weighbridge can be installed using a simple forklift with a 2 t capacity.

The VS 800 CS-F weighbridge is shipped in container, with concrete additions for superior longevity, and can be installed extremely quickly on site.

Meanwhile, the conception of the VS 800 CS-S allows several weighbridges to be shipped in a single container. Its installation requires a small amount of concrete to be cast on-site.

All the weighbridges in this range can be installed in pit, aboveground or on compacted ground and can be equipped with wheel guides. It can also be fitted with center plates (for passage in all directions in the case of a pit installation, or as a safety device in the case of an aboveground installation).

For aboveground installations, PRECIA MOLEN supplies a set of metal ramps to simplify civil engineering works. The ramps can also be made with rubble (customer supply). The low profile of the weighbridge (335 mm) substantially reduces the length of these ramps.

The ground clearance for VS800 models ranges from 60 mm to 80 mm, for easy cleaning. Their width ranges from 3m t 3m30 and their length from 4m to 92m. Each panel is 4 m to 6 m long (3.85 m to 5.85 m to be precise).

The range allows for capacities ranging from 50 t to 100 t depending on the length of the panels used. Finally, the sides of the weighbridges are perfectly straight, thus preventing the retention of foreign bodies (especially detrimental in the grain industry and in quarries).


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